Parking information

Al Borducan is in the center of the middle age village of Santa Maria del Monte.

We have a small parking area, but it is not a secure parking and it is a trick to park in.

Anyway it is not impossible and we can help you parking your car.

The parking area is 200 mt far from the hotel entrance and our staff can help you to park your car, if necessary.


If you arrive with your car, once you reach Sacro Monte, enter Via Fincarà, few curves before Piazzale Pogliaghi.

After some hundreds meters you will see Hotel Colonne and you will be very close to your destination.

Giving your shoulder to hotel Colonne, you will see in front of you two narrow streets that go uphill, one at your right and one at your left.

If you want to reach the hotel to leave your luggage, you can arrive in front of the entrance with your car, but than you must drive your car back forward to go back at the parking place.

For that reason, if you don’t have a lot of luggage with you, I suggest you to go directly to the parking.

To go to the parking place get the narrow road on your left, and after 50 meters you will find our parking on the left.

Be careful, not to follow your GPS too much! Here mobile phones have little coverage and Google Maps, like other navigation systems, does not work very well.

If you are coming by public transport, you have 2 possibilities: by Funicolar or by bus.
(Funicolar is open only on Saturday and Sunday, except on July and August when it is open every day).

Funicular station is just few metres far from Borducan, near Colonne Hotel.

The nearest bus stop is, instead, near Via Fincarà or the terminal is in Piazzale Pogliaghi, about 10 minutes walking.

We recommend to call us if you have difficulties finding us and we will help you.

We remind you, also, to reserve a table at the restaurant, especially for Friday and Saturday evenings.

In alto i calici and see you at Borducan!




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